AG-19 @Gage

Ensure Hands sanitized for health 

2020 is tough and challenge people to live in "New Normal" life against pandemic affection. The most effective and useful method is to ensure your hands keep sanitized before entering places and operate machines and devices.

Therefore, getting used to a new habit is going to big help prevent outbreaks and people can do it easily. 

PROMAG introduces you AG19, multi-interface to work with universal machines and devices. The users only sanitize hands for activating machines and devices by AG19 detection


Applications Scenarios

The entrance of the supermarket, shopping mall, hospital...

  1. AG19 can be installed at the entrance of the supermarket, shopping mall, hospital .....etc.

  2. Sanitize your hands to prevent the virus from a spread

  3. Use AG19 detect your hands sanitized

  4. Then you can get entrance after passing through AG19 detect


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