​TS100 Series  

Versatile UHF desktop reader/encoder

with a fine-tuned antenna providing an accurate reading area that can scan multiple RFID Tags and minimize misreads. The ultra-thin profile allows a flexible hardware installation using Flush Mounting, Under-Table Mounting, or on a Desktop. It operates in two modes, connected (w/ Computer) and stand-alone mode (plug & play).

The TS100A easily inputs the RFID Tag data to your Software Sytem’s User Interface same as using a barcode scanner. This lowers the RFID implementation costs by avoiding additional customizations on your system’s software. The Keyboard Emulation features multi-language support so you can input special characters.

  • Barcode to RFID Conversion

  • USB HID Keyboard Emulation

  • Loss Prevention

  • Password Protection

  • Encoding History Backup

  • Multi-Region Support

  • Accurate Read Area

  • Plug & Play

  • ECO Power Saving


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