Economical UHF desktop reader/encoder

TS50 is a low-cost UHF RFID Reader / Encoder / Analyzer. It is the perfect solution for UHF RFID Desktop requirements. 


It has a keyboard emulation feature that allows you to use the TS50 directly without the need to install any software drivers. 


Its encoding mode is designed to follow the Tag Data Structure of the GS1 Standard. 


The TS50 has an Analyze mode that displays the data of a UHF RFID Tag such as EPC, TID, USER, Manufacturer, etc.

  • USB HID / Keyboard Emulation

  • Tag Analyzer

  • SGTIN Encoder

  • Encode with Serial Number

  • Multi-Region Support

  • Accurate Read Area

  • Plug & Play

  • ECO Power Saving